Oct 13, 2009

Why Mobile phones are important...

Technology is changing faster nowadays that people didn't notice its evolution.

The fast changing phase makes people adapt also to its demand. This evolution makes people invent gadgets, tools and machines for a faster, convenient and effective ways to communicate. This spring’s the invention of mobile phones. Mobile phones play a vital role in our lives. We admit that we always depend on it wherever we go. Mobile phones makes people feel they are close to each other. It is a medium that connects people in their everyday lives. We can talk to our love ones in long distance; use in business transactions; call for an emergency; inquire for something; greeting our spouses; and even to phone a friend.

The functions of the first invention of Mobile phones are Instant messaging (text message) and Calling but many years had passed since the invention, the evolution of mobile phone has a lot to offer in the lives of the people using it. The examples are: you can browse the internet using your mobile phone, locate a lost friend using his mobile phone, send video and picture, create a video, capture a picture of a spot, connect to your laptop or computer, and a lot more.

Several companies are developing cellular/mobile phones nowadays. Every month they are releasing another model of their product and people are fascinated with it. People are also adapting to its demand which makes them spending too much of their expenses updating what are the latest models.

But we admit without these mobile phones we cannot be productive and more advanced as we are now today.


r4 card said...

Mobile is necessity one time people can leave without food
but not without mobile and it is useful also .