Oct 23, 2009

Toys for the Boys: Ford GT Nitro Gas RC Car

Are you bored on collecting match box cars and battery powered remote controlled cars? Here is a new toy to play with...

A Gigantic Ford GT Nitro Gas RC Car, the biggest Nitro Gas powered RC Vehicle I have ever seen. This toy is controlled by a RF remote controller. It has a high scale radio control range and you can easily maneuver the vehicle. It includes with the complete assembled chassis, 3-Channel FM Radio with built in Fail-Safe mode, 23cc engine, a 450cc fuel tank and a 15kg metal gear ratio. Sure this toy is heavy. It has also 2WD and disc brakes for better stopping power and easy navigation. Compared to others, it can outlast and outrun other vehicle which has a maximum speed of 60mph. Wow, imagine that it can even compete other real-state vehicles nowadays. This could be a toy to others but for me this ain’t no ordinary thing because it will cost you badly if this thing will be damaged.