Dec 21, 2009

Solving sound problems in your computer

Sound system in our computer is very important and it needs to exist. Your computer will become useless if you have no speaker. Imagine watching a video on youtube without a sound? Oh that’s horrible. We need to connect with what we are watching by listening to the sound so that we can totally grasp the meaning or the moment what we are watching. Without sound effects, the one you are watching means no life at all. Some people complain why their speakers do not function well or the worst is, they have a speaker but it does not make a sound. This is a common problem to us especially you newly re-formatted your computer and you have lost the Sound driver installer of your computer.

Here’s a tip to relatively solve your problem:

1. Determine your mother board sound card and know its manufacturer. You can do it manually by looking it inside your CPU or running a diagnostic program such as Belarc or PC Wizard.

2. If it does not detect your sound hardware using the 1st step, go to “Start”, then click “Run” and a dialog box will appear where you can type a file name. Type “dxdiag” in the text field. A window box will appear containing the specifications of your computer (hardware and software). Click the “Sound” option. There you can view the details of your sound hardware.

3. Note the Audio manufacturer, sound system model and brand type.

4. Look it up in the internet and download the appropriate Audio driver.

5. And lastly, install it.

The maximum file size that can be sent through Yahoo Mail

Sending email and files are easy nowadays especially through the help of Yahoo Mail. Many have wondered if it is possible to send large file sizes using Yahoo mail. Indeed, you are right. We can send large file sizes using Yahoo mail but the question is, what is the maximum size?

As I was surfing through the internet, I found some answers there. The maximum file size you can send is 10Mb using ordinary Yahoo mail. But you can send up to 20Mb file size under Yahoo mail Plus. Yahoo mail Plus is a paid service but Yahoo mail is for free. So if you want to save money or you cannot afford to spend money on sending such files like this, you have to use the ordinary Yahoo mail. But if you really need to send a file size that exceeds 10Mb, you have no choice but to spend some cash using Yahoo mail plus. The two services are safe and reliable. You can be assured the mail you send will be delivered and if not, they will notify you if the message will bounce back to the sender.

Tips: If you want to minimize the file sizes you want to send, just break up the file in several parts or zip the file.

Dec 19, 2009

Easy Camping while Biking!

This is best suited for all bikers who wants to go camping outside after their long trip. This product is called Bikamper. It is a convenient mountain bike along with a portable tent that will enable you to carry two different hardware in one. This will make you camp easier. To think of it, you don’t have to bring your own car, spend gas for fuel, to carry the tent if ever you wanted to camp while travelling. This will make you save money and time.

The Bikamper is durable on windy and rainy conditions. It cannot be easily be blown away and it has durable poles holding it on place. Its canopy is waterproof coated with 45D ripstop nylon and has three mesh windows for ventilation. While the Bikamper fly is constructed of fully waterproofed 70D ripstop nylon which serves as an additional layer of protection.

The estimated product price is $143.94.

Dec 10, 2009

Wireless Internet connection without Router

Now there are many home users with always-on Internet connections such as DSL and cable modems. In another situation it could be like you’re in a hotel room with your MacBook and your roommate’s got a laptop PC and there’s only one Ethernet jack? If you have an iPhone or other Wi-Fi enabled device ?

What do you do? Get to sharing the internet love, that’s what you do !

Sharing internet connection wirelessly might seem like a much smarter alternative than using an expensive wireless router, but it does have a couple of disadvantages:

  • If the computer connected to the Internet is shut down, all computers that are part of the ad hoc network lose their Internet access.
  • To connect to the Internet, one computer always needs a wired network connection.

There is two options sharing the internet wirelessly either from Mac or Windows. Actually three options because I want to shared both from Windows Vista and XP.

To keep it short, here’s what you need to do …

From MacBook

1.In System Preferences, go to Sharing and on the Internet tab, click the source (Built-in Ethernet) and the way the other computer will connect (for wifi, AirPort). Then click the Start button.

This’ll set up a wireless connection between your Mac and the PC, and the PC will be able to surf on it via your wired Mac.

2. If you don’t want settings that might interfere with the sharing, just turns out that “Personal Web Sharing” has to be enabled as well on the Services tab.

3. If you don’t want everyone else in the hallway sucking down your bandwidth, click the “Airport Options” button to set a password on your ad-hoc network, before you hit the start button.

You could do this to your Mac mini also.

From Windows Vista Laptop PC

This following setup in order to connect an iPhone wirelessly.
1. Make sure your laptop has built-in WIFI adapter or your USB/PCMCIA wireless network adapter is enabled.
2. Open the Networks and Sharing Center. Under Tasks (left), choose Manage Wireless Networks.

3. In the Manage Wireless Networks window, click Add.

4. Choose “Create an ad hoc network”. Press Next on the next page.

5. On the next page, enter a Network Name of your choice (as “iPhoneNetwork”). This is the network you’ll connect to from your iPhone. Choose WEP for Security Type (you can also choose “No Authentication (Open)”, but this way anyone in your ad hoc wireless network range can connect to your laptop.) Enter a Security Key as instructed, check “Save this network” and click Next.

6. You should get the “Your iPhoneNetwork is ready to use”. Before pressing Close, click on “Turn on Internet Connection sharing”.

7. Select your Local Area Network internet connection you usually use to connect to the internet and press Next. The next page should say “Internet connection sharing is enabled.” Press Close.

Now, your ad hoc network is ready.

The second step is connecting your iPhone to the “iPhoneNetwork” ad hoc wireless network.
1. From your iPhone, open Settings. Choose Wi-Fi.

2. Click on “iPhoneNetwork” and enter the password you defined earlier (Security Key), then press Join. It take you back to the previous screen but with the “iPhoneNetwork” checked.

3. On your notebook, you should see the “Set Network Location” screen. Choose Home or Work, no big deal.

You should open Safari browser and connect directly to the internet. Connect to Google or something to make sure that everything’s fine. And, yes, it’s a little buggy – you’ll sometimes have to do it over and over again!

Now you can access iTunes store or even download/update your iPhone applications directly without needing to do that on iTunes.

From Windows XP Laptop PC

1. Make sure your laptop has built-in WIFI adapter or your USB/PCMCIA wireless network adapter is enabled.
2. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

3. Under Pick a category, click Network and Internet Connections.

4. Under or pick a Control Panel icon, click Network Connections.

5. Right-click your wireless network connection, and then click Properties.

6. In the Wireless Network Connection Properties dialog box, click the Wireless Networks tab.

7. On the Wireless Networks tab, under Preferred networks, click Add.

8. In the Wireless network properties dialog box, on the Association tab, type the name of your ad hoc wireless network in Network name (SSID) box (shown in step 10). For example, you could name your wireless network MyHomeNetwork.

9. Clear the The key is provided for me automatically check box and select the This is a computer-to-computer (ad hoc) network check box.

10. Create a 13-digit password and type it in both the Network key and Confirm network key boxes. For the best security, include letters, numbers, and punctuation. Then click OK.

11.Click OK again to save your changes.

Now, your ad hoc network is ready.The second step is to set up additional computers.

If the computer you want to add to your network does not have built-in wireless network support, install a wireless network adapter.

Windows XP automatically detects the new adapter and notifies you that it found a wireless network.

Now connect your computer to your wireless network

Note: These steps apply only if you’re using Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2). If you haven’t installed SP2, visit Microsoft Update to install it before connecting to the ad hoc network.

1.Right-click the Wireless Network icon in the lower right corner of your screen, and then click View Available Wireless Networks.

Note: If you run into any problems, consult the documentation that came with your network adapter.

2.The Wireless Network Connection window appears and displays your wireless network listed with the SSID you chose. If you don’t see your network, click Refresh Network List in the upper left corner. Click your network, and then click Connect in the lower right corner.

3. Windows XP prompts you to enter a key. Type your encryption key in both the Network key and Confirm network key boxes, and then click Connect.

Windows XP shows its progress as it connects to your network. After you’re connected, you can close the Wireless Network Connection window.Repeat these three steps on each computer that you want to connect to your ad hoc wireless network.

Now you’re ready to browse the Web wirelessly, from any computer you add to your home network.


Parental Control in the Internet

Are you a parent who is concern on the harmful effects if your child will be left alone surfing the internet? Here’s a solution for you.

Today technology evolves and makes life easier especially for the parents who want to control their children from viewing harmful websites. They call it Live Parental Controls.

NETGEAR have developed a software that suites the concern of most parents regarding with the internet security among their children. They had then announced to release the Live Parental Control, in collaboration with OpenDNS that makes the Internet faster, safer and more reliable. It also opens the community to integrate its technology into selecting wireless router and gateway products.

Live Parental Control is capable of filtering unsafe and inappropriate websites on the internet which connects router for more than 50 categories of content or sites. The user can set rules on the router and on the filter software. It does not just protect your personal computer from harmful intruders; it also protects wireless mobile devices such as PSP, iPod Touch and other gaming consoles.

James Bond's wristwatch!

Have you dreamed of becoming James Bond someday? Well you can start being like him if you have this gadget, the Wristwatch Camcorder. It is an analog watch with an undetectable camcorder that provides hands-free video recording or surveillance.

This wristwatch has a camera’s lens which has an approximate size of a pinhole and is located at the two-o’clock position, yet the watch’s hands never obscure the lens.

The watch’s 1.3 Megapixel camera records video capturing at a 352 x 288 resolution. It stores up to 12 hours of AVI-formatted video onto its built-in 2GB flash memory. The microphone is located on the outer case of the watch. The Quartz movement provides reliable timekeeping.

Also, one thing that fascinates me is, it has a rechargeable battery. The camera’s rechargeable battery provides up to 2 hours of use from a 4-hour charging using the included USB AC adapter (which also allows you to copy your videos to a PC running Windows). It includes also a stainless case and band. The watchface is 1/2″ H x 1 1/2″ Diam. (1 1/2 oz.).

Toys for the big boys!

Introducing Rovio Robot with Northstar System. It’s the coolest gadget/toy perfect for holiday gifts. It is perfect to spy around the house. Rovio got robot streams audio and high-resolution (640 x 480px) video in MPEG4 format and it can capture pictures and e-mail them to you. Rovio has a two-way microphone and speaker that enables real-time interaction with subjects – like your cat.

The Rovio robot is also the first to feature the NorthStar smart navigation and positioning system. This represents a major breakthrough in robotics and technology nowadays. Working like a micro-GPS system, the NorthStar system enables the Rovio robot to know where it is, locate the position of other objects, and navigate from place to place with pinpoint accuracy, entirely under its own control. That’s how cool Rovio is.

Other added features of Rovio are: Direct ROVIOs movements, neck mounted camera and audio from your own house or anywhere in the world, via the Internet, using any web accessible device such as a webcam, cell phone, video game console or PC. You can use the menu to set and select way points. In just one click you can tell ROVIO to navigate itself to the chosen point or path, without having to control each step. It has built in LED lights to help you guide ROVIO through dark hallways.

System requirements are:

Personal Computer with a minimum of Pentium 4 processor , OS compatible with Windows XP/ Windows Vista, 256 MB of RAM, DirectX 9.0 or higher, Video card equipped with OpenGL compliancy, Universal Serial Bus(USB) connectivity, Wireless access point device connected to your PC (ex: router), High-speed internet connection, Internet Explorer 6 or higher.

Dec 9, 2009

check out the new eVGA InterView Dual Display

Working or using on dual displays can improve your productivity, particularly if you need to have multiple open windows. This is best for you, introducing the eVGA Interview Dual Display.

EVGA's InterView Dual Display LCD Monitor includes two 17-inch displays on a single device; and the monitors are attached to a single arm in such a way that you can rotate each of them 180 degrees. Best example of this is, like when you wanted to share your work with someone sitting opposite with you. The approximate price is $650.

It has a built-in 1.3-megapixel Webcam and display support for DVI-I, DVI-D, and VGA ports. The other features: has USB interface connection and a USB hub.

Drawer Nowhere

Having problems with utilizing your space in your house? Here’s a solution for you, a stairs-drawer made of wood. Sure thing this will save your spaces in your house because of its unique design. This innovation is one of a kind. Even thieves will not notice if you have placed valuables in this drawer. So, it’s a hint on those people concern of hiding your jewelries in your house. Try to make this one!