Feb 9, 2010

The Mother of all Programming Language

The C programming language is known to be one of the foundation or base-language of all programming languages today. The C language was developed by Dennis Ritchie and it is identified as the mother of all programming languages. It has nearly been four decades since C programming was invented and yet it is used in many applications today. The C language is a structural language and it is the language that is used to program many Windows and Linux programs and applications. The invention of the C language made the usage of languages like COBOL, PASCAL, FORTAN obsolete and many more which evolved it more classified programming languages. The C language is widely in use today. Many other programming languages have their programming structure evolved from the C language just like the C++ and C# programming languages. The C language is very robust and it can be used to implement many programs, software and applications. Any person who is interested in learning programming must first make sure that he has a strong basic background in C programming language. A person who masters the varied aspects of the C programming language can master any other programming language with relative ease.