Feb 9, 2010

Gmail’s new Feature --- “Undo Send”

Another astonishing feature created by Google which will enable you to Undo the email you sent. This new feature will end all the worries and get rid of the classic “Oh shit” email moments.

The “Undo Send” feature puts a 5-10 seconds hold on all outgoing messages. So, you have enough time to recognize if it is the right person to receive your message or not. This feature helps people correct their mistakes especially you write something personal or embarrassing messages and you have sent to the wrong contact. This is a job saver or more accurately, a life saver.

To enable this enhancement, simply go to your Gmail’s “Settings” and then click on the “Labs” tabs. There you can enable or disable applications and features to used in Gmail. Don’t forget to save the settings! Newly added features take time sometimes to fully load in your Gmail account so please be patient if it doesn’t show up right away.

Enable it every time you send a message so you have the precautions in case you misspent a message to another contact. Upon sending the message, you will see an Undo link at the end of the confirmation message that appears at the top of your inbox.