Dec 21, 2009

Solving sound problems in your computer

Sound system in our computer is very important and it needs to exist. Your computer will become useless if you have no speaker. Imagine watching a video on youtube without a sound? Oh that’s horrible. We need to connect with what we are watching by listening to the sound so that we can totally grasp the meaning or the moment what we are watching. Without sound effects, the one you are watching means no life at all. Some people complain why their speakers do not function well or the worst is, they have a speaker but it does not make a sound. This is a common problem to us especially you newly re-formatted your computer and you have lost the Sound driver installer of your computer.

Here’s a tip to relatively solve your problem:

1. Determine your mother board sound card and know its manufacturer. You can do it manually by looking it inside your CPU or running a diagnostic program such as Belarc or PC Wizard.

2. If it does not detect your sound hardware using the 1st step, go to “Start”, then click “Run” and a dialog box will appear where you can type a file name. Type “dxdiag” in the text field. A window box will appear containing the specifications of your computer (hardware and software). Click the “Sound” option. There you can view the details of your sound hardware.

3. Note the Audio manufacturer, sound system model and brand type.

4. Look it up in the internet and download the appropriate Audio driver.

5. And lastly, install it.