Dec 21, 2009

The maximum file size that can be sent through Yahoo Mail

Sending email and files are easy nowadays especially through the help of Yahoo Mail. Many have wondered if it is possible to send large file sizes using Yahoo mail. Indeed, you are right. We can send large file sizes using Yahoo mail but the question is, what is the maximum size?

As I was surfing through the internet, I found some answers there. The maximum file size you can send is 10Mb using ordinary Yahoo mail. But you can send up to 20Mb file size under Yahoo mail Plus. Yahoo mail Plus is a paid service but Yahoo mail is for free. So if you want to save money or you cannot afford to spend money on sending such files like this, you have to use the ordinary Yahoo mail. But if you really need to send a file size that exceeds 10Mb, you have no choice but to spend some cash using Yahoo mail plus. The two services are safe and reliable. You can be assured the mail you send will be delivered and if not, they will notify you if the message will bounce back to the sender.

Tips: If you want to minimize the file sizes you want to send, just break up the file in several parts or zip the file.