Dec 10, 2009

Parental Control in the Internet

Are you a parent who is concern on the harmful effects if your child will be left alone surfing the internet? Here’s a solution for you.

Today technology evolves and makes life easier especially for the parents who want to control their children from viewing harmful websites. They call it Live Parental Controls.

NETGEAR have developed a software that suites the concern of most parents regarding with the internet security among their children. They had then announced to release the Live Parental Control, in collaboration with OpenDNS that makes the Internet faster, safer and more reliable. It also opens the community to integrate its technology into selecting wireless router and gateway products.

Live Parental Control is capable of filtering unsafe and inappropriate websites on the internet which connects router for more than 50 categories of content or sites. The user can set rules on the router and on the filter software. It does not just protect your personal computer from harmful intruders; it also protects wireless mobile devices such as PSP, iPod Touch and other gaming consoles.