Jan 8, 2010

Tekken 6 Cheats

Another new sequel of Tekken gaming was released and their fans were so amazed by its high definition game play, here comes Tekken 6. Tekken 6 was released on October 27, 2009. It was released for both Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles on November 24, 2009. The game director for Tekken 6 said that there were several changes in this game. This includes the stages which they modified it into a bigger type to have more interactive fights, floors or walls that can be broken or destroyed to reveal new fighting places, character feature enhancements, some implications of aspects in game play, and a new system has been added – giving characters more damage per hit when their life is below certain point (Once activated, an energy aura appears surrounding the character and the health bar starts to flick in red) and another game play feature added is the bound system. This system modifies every character to have several moves and when an opponent is currently in a midair juggle combo, the opponent will be smashed hard into the ground causing them to bounce off the floor in a stunned state and leaving them in a vulnerable position on another attack or combo.

Those were some modified game plays by the game creator. So enjoy playing Tekken 6 and discover something new!

Click this link to view some techniques/cheats of the game: