Jan 7, 2010

Facebook's Farmville Cheats!

Farmville is one of the most popular game applications in Facebook nowadays. This game has been so popular over the entire map. Even Europeans and other nationalities enjoyed playing this game. What's with this game that makes you like it? Well, Farmville is a role playing game which enables the user(the farmer) plant different varieties of vegetables and fruits. You can also design your farm and expand it. One thing that makes this game unique is you can visit some farmers too. You have neighborhoods surrounding you and you can invite some more to unlock some privileged items. All you have to do to earn Gold is to simply plant crops, plow, harvest and got hired to plow and harvest crops from other farms. Doing those works will make you gain experience and thus, it will level up your farmer(you). This leveling process takes time but I have tips for you on how to level fast and gain more gold faster than you ever imagined. I have tips and some useful techniques that you will truly enjoy. Just visit this site: