Nov 24, 2009

How to take care with your battery

Nowadays, most mobile phones are using lithium-ion battery. They are not just an ordinary battery that can be disposed immediately after use but they last long and can be recharge. They are called rechargeable batteries that serve as a power source for mobile phones. They are designed to be used many times, durable and can endure high temperature. One example is, iPhone uses this battery for their power source and mind me, they are not easily can be replaced. Therefore it is important to take good care of your battery and preserve the battery condition in the best possible ways. Here are basic tips on how to keep our battery last and safe:
1. The best way to protect a battery is to keep it away from moisture environments.
2. Do not drop it and lend in different people hands, it might easily tear.
3. Never keep the battery overcharge and on exhaustive discharging condition.
4. If there are symptoms of malfunctioning of battery, consult a technician expert immediately.
5. Do not leave your battery in the car which is exposed to sunlight because it will damage your battery or worst case is it will explode.
6. Always use a compatible or standard charger for your battery. Lithium-ion batteries need to be charged with smooth voltage and an accurate charging rate without any interruptions. Local chargers won't provide the regulated voltage which can slowly degrade the quality of your battery.
7. Avoid charging battery in vehicle because these chargers are not accurate and charge the battery quickly, and it adversely affects the battery.