May 30, 2010

24 Season 8

Are you interested seeing actions involving terrorists, military, sophisticated weapons, mind twisting situations? You better watch 24 with its 8 seasons. This tv series is for you!
24 is one of the best tv movies I ever watched. It makes me think of the movie every time I see countries struggling with their rebel oppositions. Just like here in the Philippines, we have enemies who are threatening innocent lives. I came to think that what if Jack Bauer will be sent here then exterminate those terrorist just like he did in the movies. hehe But I know it just impossible to happen, it is just an imagination.
Back to the movie. This Jack Bauer I have mentioned, he is the main character of the tv series. He acts as a very well-versed and skillful agent who faces terrorists everyday and he is solving the problems effectively. This also amazed me on how the tv series is conceptualized. One episode of the series is only 1 hour which is happening in real time. So one season of it has only 24 episode which means it only happens in 24 hours or 1 day. But don't get me wrong here, even though the concept is like that, the scenes and the content of each episode is full of action and thrills. Every time I watched an episode, I will have to closely listen to the conversation of the characters as it is very important for you to jive or understand the scenes. Whenever the episode is closely to end, the scenes will begin to make you more interested to see what will happen next. This feeling makes me want this tv series so much. It is full of action, sci-fi, military tactics, weapons display and mind twisting scenes.
Guys you should watch it. I will give you the link to watch it online.
Here is the link: watch 24 Online