Apr 9, 2010

Page Rank 3 - thanks to Google dance!

Hello guys!

I was having a long break because of some stuffs to do but when I opened my blog, I noticed some changes of my blog...boooooom!!! I got surprised, my PR went up, from 1 to 3. Wohah!!! I'm so happy to gain this PR for only few months of blogging. Increasing your Page rank is not an easy task. This rank is based from the data used by Google and if you have a high Page rank you can monetize your blog and use it in SEO industry. Nah, i won't discuss here about SEO because I know it will get you all bored. Anyways, improving your blog means - more traffic, more opportunities, more visitors and a lot more. hehe.
I hope I could keep this PR improving as it is very hard maintaining it. I found some blogs loosing their PR because of so many reasons and I don't want to become like them. So, I will do my best to maintain this blog.

But guys there something I wanted to share. hmmm Have you ever thought on what is the reason why my blog or your blog gained its PR abruptly? Hmmm, as I went to a research, they said when the month of April opened, Google has updated their system or as they call it- "Google Dance". I have read some articles that it usually happens every quarter of the year.
So guys, check your pagerank now and learn some stuffs about it. I am sure it will make you interested.
You can check your PR here: