Mar 11, 2010

What's good in Java Programming

Java is one the greatest programming language that has been developed by the computer fraternity. Java was invented by James Gosling and it revolutionized the programming world. It is a language based on OOPS (Object Oriented Programming Structure). In Java, we can create objects which have references to real world objects. We can also assign different attributes to the object, for an example, if milk is the object the taste and smell of it becomes the attributes. Java can be modified and compiled using the Java Development Kit. Java has evolved into J2EE which supports Java beans and applets. Java can be used to make real time applications and it is a robust programming language and it is not complex. Any person who is adept in Java Programming is assured a job anywhere in the world for sure. It is very easy to debug a java program. The reusable objects that can be created using Java make this language the most suited for applications that involve huge amounts of data. Learn Java, you won’t regret it!